The journey begins…

Where did they come from? Where will they go?

Two orphans flee for their lives during the last crusade of the French against the Cathar heretics in the Midi. With no knowledge of their past, they are drawn onward to an uncertain future where they face unimaginable peril. Will they discover the secret of their origins and fulfill their destiny?

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  • "Susanne Dunlap’s sweeping saga captivates readers’ imaginations from the first page, plunging them back into the Languedoc region of France in the 13th Century.... A compelling read for lovers of adventure and romance." —Anne Easter Smith, author of A Rose for the Crown, Daughter of York, Royal Mistress

  • "Dunlap...breathes life into the distant 13th-century setting by providing many everyday, textural details...Poetry and music are as essential to the plot as warfare, with engaging glimpses of trobairitz (female troubadours)...A complex, absorbing, and dramatic start to a planned series." —Kirkus Reviews

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