Amazing World Languages Infographic

Language Tree Infographic
Created by Minna Sundberg

One of the most interesting things about the period and place Listen to the Wind is set in is the language. It’s Old Occitan, a language that has survived in a more modern version in the same region. Even though that part of the world is now part of France, Occitan as a language is closer to Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese than French.

Occitan is a Romance language, but it branched off from French

The Romance languages are the ones based primarily on Latin, stemming from Italy and the Roman conquests north through Europe. But they had some competition in farther-flung places where other cultures and languages took stronger hold—the Saxons, for instance.

This remarkable infographic is the work of Minna Sundberg

Sundberg is the author of the Web comic, Stand Still, Stay Silent, which you can find here. This gorgeous art is available as a poster to frame as well.

Want a closer look at where Occitan fits in? Here’s a closeup:

Language tree closeup

Who knew the study of languages could be so beautiful? Don’t forget to check out the glossary of Old Occitan terms featured in Listen to the Wind!






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